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English-Russian Dota 2 Dictionary
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English-Russian Dota 2 Dictionary

So, it just occured that you have landed on a Russian server. Do not rush to leave, you can still adequately play the game. Just use the key words below. Also, if you want to sound like a native Russian without a russian keyboard (yes, we have 2 keyboards), just put a close parenthesis ")" instead of a full stop after every sentence. Just like this) Do not ask me why, its complicated, but it works. Good luck playing with Russian noobs.
The Dictionary
So, here we go. Add suka to every statement to sound more Russian. Or write using CAPSLOCK.

"Mid", "top", and "bot" stay the same.
GG stays the same.
Missing lane - ss or cc (cyrillic version)
Any action (kill, roshan, defense, offense) - just add go. E.g. "go rosha", "go b", "go def".
Roshan - Rosha (yes, without the "n")
Negative emotion - Mamku ebal, suka, v rot ebal
Positive emotion - molodec, zbs, zaebis
Laughter - lol, ahaha (notice that it starts with an "a")
If you got ganked because someone didn`t give a "miss" - gde ss suka (optional - GDE SS SUKA)
"Let's play defensively" - igraem ot defa
"Let's play offensively" - go go go, push, pronosim (mid, top, bot)
If someone did not connect to the game - Suka, opiat s kalkulatorov igraut ot just Kalkulator ("Calculator", you get the joke)
Rune - runa
Leave the rune to me - ostav runu suka
Gank - kill (never say "gank")
Wards - vardi (e.g. kupite vardi suki)
Courier - kura (e.g. kupite kuru or gde kura bleat)
Buy something - kupite
A bad player - rak, dno, dniwe, or, in some cases, (\/)0_0(\/)
A good player - batya, otez
Won (a tower, the game, anything) - zatachil
Lost - proebal
American - Pindos
Russian - Russkiy (e.g. ya russkiy)
I - ya
You - ty (just like "thank you", e.g. ya batya, ty rak)
Thank you - sps
F%ck you - poshel na hui
Back - b (e.g. "ya b")
You snached the aegis! - SUKA SPIZDIL AEGIS
If someone is controlling the courier - SUKA OTDAI KURU or NE TROZH KURU
If you are going into the jungle -ya v les
Suck my magic stick - sosi suka, sasai
Overpowered - imba
You insulted me, and i seek for revenge - pvp ili zassal?
I am going to leave the game - Ya livayu
You are raging, and it is fun! - BOMBANULO or PRIPEKLO
Some characters of Dota 2 in the russian segment of the game have custom names. Here is the list of them:

Shaker - Borodach
Kunnka - Pistoletov
Treant Protector - Derevo
Io - Sosi debil ne budu sapportit`
Axe - Krasniy
Doom Bringer - Sotona
Chaos Knight - Kon` - Ogon`
Lifestealer - Gulya
Night Stalker - Balanar
Pudge - Tolstyak or Myaso
Ursa - 1 lvl Rosha
Slardar - Selyodka
Troll Warlord - Trall Warlord
Sniper - Stiler
Juggernaut - Yura
Lone Druid - Mishka
Riki - Krisa or odnoknopochniy` pidor
Bounty Hunter - Krisa
Drow Ranger - Drovka
Faceless Void - Zolotye Kupola
Templar Assasin - ONA TUT!!! (ping fiercely)
Venomancer - Venik
Rubick - Dendi
Chen - Chechen
Nature`s Prophet - Fura
Invoker - Pianist
Batrider - Batruha
Dazzle - Detsl
Ancient Apparation - Apparat
Silencer - Salo
Spirit Breaker - Kadilo
Broodmother - Mamka

And, that`s all. Hope you liked the guide!

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Форум » Другие игры » Dota 2 » English-Russian Dota 2 Dictionary
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